Hymns at Homes Updates

New hymns posted

For those following the AmblesideOnline curriculum, recordings by H@H of hymns in the 2017-2018 hymn rotation determined by AmblesideOnline are now posted. These are by no means the definitive hymns for those using AO (nor endorsed by the AO site), but simply one of many resources for didactic purposes.

2017-2018 Resources

These recordings can be streamed or downloaded for free. ¬†Printable lyrics for the entire year’s selection of hymns are also available in one document.

H@H features new contributors

Recently added hymns include recordings by new H@H contributors! Thank you to the following:

We hope you enjoy these new additions to the H@H recording library.

Comments available for sharing resources

If you have any other recordings or resources that you enjoy for these hymns, please comment on that hymn’s post to share this information with others.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bec says:

    Thanks for all your work Kari.

  2. Kimberly Ferguson says:

    Thank you for this resource. I cannot sing any hymn without music and am not able to play the piano. My son and I sing hymns every morning. He has developed a love for the hymns and asked for piano lessons so that he could play the hymns you do not have posted that we sing in church. I also use this resource for my private devotion time. This is a blessing. Thank you.

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