Rock of Ages

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Augustus M. Toplady, 1776

TOPLADY, Thomas Hastings, 1830

It is said that Toplady wrote this hymn one day when caught in a thunderstorm. He took shelter in a cleft in a rock and there he wrote the hymn.

A good resource for sharing this hymn with children is Kenneth W. Osbeck’s Amazing Grace: Illustrated Stories of Hymns. This hymn is included in the collection.

The Lutheran Hymnal #376

Rock of Ages.” CyberHymnal. Web. 11 Aug. 2016.

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  1. Chris Rice’s album Peace Like A River: The Hymns Project includes a beautiful and crisp version of Rock of Ages. Every hymn in this album is a classic and this is one of my favorite hymn albums to listen to. Available to listen to for free on Spotify.


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