Holy Ghost, with Light Divine

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Andrew Reed, 1817
“Holy Ghost, with Light Divine” was written by Englishman Andrew Reed in 1817. Reed was a minister and in addition to writing hymns, also founded social agencies such as the London Orphan Asylum and a hospital. His contributions were recognized by Yale College with a Doctor of Divinity Degree while on a visit to the United States in 1834.

MERCY, Louis M. Gottschalk, 1867; arr. Edwin Parker
Louis M. Gottschalk was a secular composer from New Orleans. He was recognized as the first American pianist-virtuoso as well as a prolific composer. Gottschalk’s original tune was titled “The Last Hope” and was adapted by Connecticut minister Edwin Parker.

LIGHT DIVINE, Orlando Gibbons, 1623
“Holy Ghost, with Light Divine” can also be sung to the LIGHT DIVINE tune, as seen in The Lutheran Hymnal. Orlando Gibbons was and English organist and composer who served as a court musician. He was an organist of the Chapel Royal, at Westminster Abbey, and as a keyboard player in the privy chamber of then Prince Charles (later King Charles I). A monument to him was  built in Canterbury Cathedral.

Hymn historian Kenneth W. Osbeck considers “Holy Ghost, with Light Divine” one of the church’s most important hymns regarding the ministry of the Holy Spirit in Christian lives.

Some hymnals have changed the term “Holy Ghost” to “Holy Spirit” in this hymn.

Author Andrew Reed’s wife Eliza Reed was also a hymn writer. Their works were published together posthumously in 1872.

Pianist Glenn Gould well-known for his performance of Bach’s Goldberg Variations named Orlando Gibbons as his favorite composer.

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Lutheran Hymnal #234

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